Users And Agents

To allow visitors to register on your site you have to enable memberships under  Settings > General > Membership. Default user role is set to “Subscriber”.

An agent on the other hand has auto-publishing capabilities. Agents are considered in-house staff, whereas a subscriber is any third-party user. 

You as the site admin can set the role of any user. Therefor go to  Users, click the username you want to give property auto-publishing capabilities. Set “Role” to “Agent”, scroll down and click “Update User”.

Under  Appearance > Theme Options > Agents you can toggle the agent information you want to show on and off.

Visual Composer element "Agents" lists all agents either in a carousel or list layout, see:

Profile Page

Profile pages are created automatically for any registered user. URL format is: (for example.:

A profile page has it's own widgetized "Agent Sidebar". The “Realty - Featured Agent” widget displays a specific agent anywhere on your site.

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