Property Basics

Properties are the core of your real estate theme. Make sure to study this guide thoroughly in order to really understand how the theme handles property creation, management, payments etc.

Once you have activated the Realty theme and the Realty Core plugin you should see the "Properties" menu item on the left-hand side of your WordPress admin area. When you click on it, the sub menu exapnds and shows you the four attributes all properties share:

  • Property Location (e.g. London, Paris etc.)
  • Property Status (e.g. For Rent, For Sale etc.)
  • Property Type (e.g. House, Apartment etc.)
  • Property Features (e.g. Balcony, Pool etc.)

Property Options

To customize any aspect of your properties we have organized all settings in the following tabs of the theme options panel under Appearance > Theme Options:

  • Single Property
  • Property Listings
  • Property Search
  • Property Submit

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