Property Payments

You can charge any amount of your liking to let users publish properties on your site. Either once or recurring, per listing or via custom membership packages. 

By default submitting properties is set to “Free / No Paid Submission”. Go to  Appearance > Theme Options > Property Submit to change this setting to your preference. Select “Pay Per Listing” or “Membership” if you want to charge users for publishing their properties on your site.

Configuring Payment Methods

Realty supports payment methods PayPal and Stripe (credit card payments). You have to explicitly set and configure any payment method individually. 

Under  Appearance> Theme Options > Property Submit check “Enable PayPal Payments” to let your user pay via PayPal and “Enable Stripe Payments” to let your user pay via Stripe.

Before accepting any payments on your live site we recommend to enable the so-called sandbox/test mode and to create a few test payments to ensure payments are working fine.

Payments via PayPal

Make sure you have entered your PayPal merchant ID/email, the currency code and payment amount. It is also recommended to set an email address for IPN notifications, in order to receive notifications about transaction successes/failures via email.

If enabled all users with a role of “Subscriber” will see the yellow PayPal “Buy Now” button next to each property they have submitted.

Payment details are visible in the admin area at the bottom of each property editing page.


(PayPal IPN URL prior to Realty 3.0:

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