Single Property Site

If you want to have only a single property site, you can use any property as your home page. In Realty 2.4.2 we have added a new template “Single Property Home Page”. Single property home page layout is identical to normal single property page. Example:

These are the steps to create a single property website:

  1. Go to Page > Add New and select page template “Single Property Home Page” under Page Attributes > Template. Hit “Publish”. This page will be used to show your single property site.
  2. You will see “Single Property” box below the content area. Please select the property you want to show on your home page.You can add properties under Properties > Add New, if you haven't already done so.
  3. Assign Page As Front Page / Home Page: Go to Settings > Reading > Front page displays, select “A static page” and choose the page you have created for “Single Property Home Page”.