Optional - Theme Translation (Loco Translate & WPML)

The default theme language is english. Go to  Settings > General > Site Language and select the language of your choice. This option is only available in WordPress 4.0+. Please update WordPress, if you are running on a version prior to 4.0.

Before you start translating anything decide if you simply want to translate the theme into another language or to run a multilingual website. According to your choice follow the instructions below.

Translate The Theme Into Another Language with Loco Translate 

Go to  Plugins > Add New and search for “Loco Translate”, then click “Install” and once its done, click “Activate”. The new menu item “Loco Translate” appears on the left-hand side of your WordPress admin menu.

Before you continue reading make sure to study and follow the instructions of the  beginner’s guide on Loco Translate. It’s essential to have a writeable by the server folder under “wp-content/languages/loco/themes/”.
Next go to Loco Translate > Themes and click “Carmen”. On the next screen click “New language” and select the language you would like to create a translation for. Under “Choose a location” we highly recommend to select “Custom” as its the safest  translation location (see following screenshot below).
You can now start translating the theme. The site languages can be switched within WordPress under  Settings > General > Site Language.

How To Create A Multilingual Site with WPML

Realty is officially  WPML compatible. WPML is a paid plugin.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to  download WPML before reading on.

Here are some more links that will help you to built your multilingual site in no time: