Required - Page Builder (Visual Composer)

Visual Composer is bundled with this theme (new in  Realty 3.0). It allows you to create sophisticated and unique page layouts via drag+drop. No coding skills required.

We highly recommend to familiarize yourself with Visual Composer. You can find the official plugin documentation over at:

How to activate Visual Composer license

Whenever we release a theme update we make sure to include the latest version of Visual Composer.

To update the plugin on your own you have to purchase a valid license key individually for $34 over at:

Visual Composer adjustments you need to make when updating to Realty 3.0

When you update to Realty 3.0 from a previous version of Realty and you activate Visual Composer you have to make adjustments to your existing pages, so they all utilize Visual Composer properly.

To do so make sure you go through your pages one by one, switch to Visual Composer  Backend Editor view and add all your page content elements using Visual Composer.

Visual Composer also replaces the following page templates, which are now obsolete:

  • Agents (now a shortcode)
  • Contact (now a Visual Composer template)
  • Intro (now a Visual Composer template)
  • Membership packages (now a shortcode)
  • Property Map (now a shortcode)
  • Slideshow (now a shortcode)

Make sure to select page template “Default Template” on any page that is using any of these obsolete page templates listed above. Follow the admin notification when editing your pages and use the appropriate  Visual Composer template to add the desired content to your page. 

Example: Let’s say you were using the “Intro” page template for your “Intro” page. 

First you edit the page and in the right column “Page Attributes” under “Template” you switch from “Intro” to “Default Template”. In Visual Composer “Backend Editor” mode you click the “Template” icon right at the beginning of the editor and select any of the "Realty - Intro" templates under "My Templates".  Make sure you have imported those templates first.

How to import and use Visual Composer templates

Learn how to import/export and use Visual Composer templates with the included Templatera plugin →