Required - Property Fields (Advanced Custom Fields Pro)

Realty 2.1+ requires Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin to be installed and activated. Without ACF Pro, the theme won't work properly:  Learn how to install and activate all required plugins →

Advanced Custom Fields (short: ACF) is the most popular custom fields plugin for WordPress. It allows you to add all kinds of custom fields to any post type. It is integrated into the Realty theme so you can add your very own property fields, free of charge.

How to import default property fields

Before you can see and use any fields you have to import default ACF property fields, following the steps below. Skip this step, if you have already  imported the demo content.

  1. After you have installed and activated the Realty theme and ACF Pro plugin, go to Custom Fields > Tools
  2. Under “Import Field Group” click “Choose File” and upload “realty-acf-all-fields.json”. This file is part of your ThemeForest download Make sure to download and unzip "All files and documentation" option.
  3. You can also find property fields JSON import file here in your site fiels directory:   wp-content -> themes -> realty -> lib -> plugins
  4. Click “Import” to run the importer. Once finished go to “Custom fields” on left panel and you should see new field groups added named “Property Fields”, “Additional Fields” and “Slideshow Settings”.

IMPORTANT: Do not make any changes to any “Field Name”. You can change “Field Label” and other values/settings, but DO NOT change “Field Name” for any of the imported default fields.

Where can I find the license key for Advanced Custom Fields Pro?

Realty includes the ACF Pro plugin, free of charge. But as any other bundled premium plugin, we are not allowed to distribute the license key. You can read more about it here:

ACF Pro update method

Whenever we release a theme update we include the latest version of ACF Pro, and make adjustment in theme according to each update of the plugin.

You can’t update the premium plugin yourself. Please ignore the updates until we release a theme update. If you want to update ACF to the latest version by yourself, you can purchase a license of ACF Pro from:

With each update of the theme, if you are asked to update ACF PRO plugin, you can update the plugin and if that process fails you can try the following method.

Please deactivate, uninstall and delete Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin. When yo do that, you should see a notification to install “Advanced Custom Fields Pro” plugin. If you do not see that please go to  Appearance > Install Plugins.

You will see "Advanced Custom Fields Pro" plugin in the list, please install and activate the plugin and you will get the latest plugin with respect to our theme update.

Note: Please make sure when you try this method, you have the Realty parent theme active, if the child theme is active the process will throw an error. You can switch back to child theme after updating the plugin.

ACF Pro additional property fields

On top of the default fields you can add as many field groups/fields as you want.

If you want to create new fields or you want to create another field group for properties, you can do that easily. These custom property fields are visible on the single property page, property submit page and can also be used for your own custom property search.

Currently supported custom field types:

  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Number
  • Email
  • Date Picker
  • Select
  • Checkbox
  • Radio
  • taxonomy
  • Page Link
  • Url
  • Oembed (only for tab view)

How to create additional property field group

Once you have installed and activated the Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin, go to Custom Fields on the left-hand side of your WordPress menu. First we need to create a so called “Field Group”. Therefore click “Add New” next to the Field Group title. On the next screen under Location > Rules > Show this field group if, set the post type to equal “property”, as the screenshot below illustrates:

How to add additional custom property fields

Simply click the blue “+Add Field” button and enter the field settings. The “Label” appears on the single property page under “Additional details”. “Name” is created automatically, but you need to make a little change for the field name.

Please make sure to add the prefix “additional_” to the field name which you have created.

Do not apply this rule on “Label”, it is only required for “Field Name”. The purpose of this prefix is to differentiate between default fields and additional fields.

For example: your additional field name “Lot Size” you would give a field name like “additional_lot_size”.

If you don’t use the “additional_” prefix for a field name, the field will not show up under the “Additional Details” section of any single property page.

When using the date picker make sure to set “Save Format” and “Display Format” to “yymmdd”. Otherwise it won’t be searchable in the property search form.

Once you are finished creating all custom property fields, click “Publish”.

When editing a property you will find the field group you just created at the very bottom of the page, right underneath the default “Property Settings”.

IMPORTANT: All custom property fields are also available in your property search within the search field dropdown under Appearance > Theme Options > Property Search (Learn more about property search).

How to output custom fields anywhere in your theme:

Advanced Custom Fields Resources: