Required - Visual Composer templates (Templatera)

If you have been using Realty prior to Realty 3.0, please make use of Visual Composer templates and use them for all pages where you have been using any of the  now obsolete page templates.

Realty 3 introduces the premium plugin  Templatera. This plugin allows you to import/export Visual Composer templates. 

It centralizes all templates in one place under  Visual Composer > Templates. When editing a Visual Composer template from here, every instance of this template is synced. 

Templatera templates are not just simple starting points, but flexible content blocks that you can utilize to add either site elements or entire page templates throughout your site ( learn more).

  1. If you haven't installed Templatera yet, go to Plugins > Installed Plugins and click "Install" underneath the Templatera plugin, then go back and activate the plugin.
  2. Now download visual-composer-templates.xml (right click "Save link as"). This file is included in your ThemeForest download as well.
  3. To import all Visual Composer templates that we are using in the theme demo go to Visual Composer > Templatera > Import VC Templates, select visual-composer-templates.xml from your computer and click "Save Changes".

All templates are now available and editable under Visual Composer > Templates and can be inserted into any page by clicking on the Visual Composer "Templates" button, see screenshot below: