How To Update The Theme

Before You Update

We highly recommend to download the "realty" folder under “/wp-content/themes/" via FTP before you update the theme, to easily revert back to your previous setup, if the update doesn't work as expected.

When updating your theme all files under “/wp-content/themes/realty/” will be replaced.

Always use the  Realty Child Theme for all your file customization, translations etc. as all changes you have directly applied to any of the original theme files will be lost after updating the theme.

Copy+paste the file(s) you want to edit into your child theme folder (keep the identical folder structure of the parent theme). The best resource to learn more about the overall concept of child themes is the official WordPress codex:

A theme update DOES NOT AFFECT your content or theme settings in any way! Those are stored in your database, the theme update only replaces the theme folder on your server.

Manual theme update process:

  • If you choose to upload the theme zip file via WordPress you have to activate another theme first. Then delete the old Realty theme by clicking the theme screenshot, and then the red “Delete” link in the bottom right corner of the popup. Once deleted you can upload the new theme.
  • Upload via WordPress: Go to Appearance > Themes, click “Add New”. At the top of the page click “Upload”. Browse and select, then click “Install Now”. Once the theme has been uploaded you will see a “Theme installed successfully.” message. Now click “Activate”.
  • Upload via FTP: Upload the "realty" theme folder via FTP and override the existing theme folder under “/wp-content/themes/realty/”, login to WordPress and go to Appearance > Themes and click the “Activate” button on the Realty screenshot.

License renewal for customers

You can continue using the theme without renewing your license, but you won’t receive theme updates and support anymore. As we offer Realty exclusively on ThemeForest. 

Please head over to ThemeForest to  purchase a new Realty license, which by default gives you six months of theme support and updates.

Automatic update

The official Envato market plugin, which is bundled with this theme, allows you to install and update your purchased Envato themes/plugins right from your WordPress admin area.

First make sure you have installed and activated the  Envato Market plugin. If you haven’t already done so, go to Appearance > Install Plugins to install and activate the Envato Market plugin.

Once plugin is active, go to Envato Market in your WP admin area, scroll down, and click the link that says “generate a personal token” or use the link below to  create your token, see screenshot below.

Copy+paste the generated token in the text input field of your Envato Market admin page. That’s it. 

Once a theme update is available you will see an update notification in your admin area. You can then update the theme under Appearance > Themes.