How To Update To Realty 3

Realty 3.0 is our attempt to ensure the Realty theme stays in the most up-to-date condition. We have added Visual Composer integration, which requires some manual adjustments on your end to ensure all the parts of your site are working properly.

First of all, we are currently (July 14, 2016) working on an update that allows you to run Realty 3.0 without Visual Composer, as not everyone wants to use Visual Composer. This update will bring back the Shortcode dropdown and new theme migration options, which will convert the page settings from now obsolete page templates into working shortcodes, automatically inserted into your content. So you do not have to manually change any content in order to use Realty 3 (which is the case right now).

If you already updated to Realty 3.0, and would like to roll back to Realy 2.4.3, please open a  support ticket so you can email you Realty 2.4.3.

Checklist when updating to Realty 3.0

  • Install and activate Visual Composer and Templatera plugin, then edit your pages to make theme Visual Composer conform. Learn more: Visual Composer adjustments you need to make when updating to Realty 3.0.
  • Go to Appearance > Theme Options > General and upload your site logo under "Logo", which needs to have half the dimension of your uploaded "Retina Logo".
  • New premium icon font "Realty" for property meta data. If you are using custom meta data make sure to update your theme options under „Single Property“ and „Property Listings“ tab.
  • Property Map Horizontal, Custom Slideshow , Property Search Results and Property Map Vertical are not removed, these are there and you can add these using Visual Composer shortcodes.