Property Search

Step 1 of 2: Property search results page

First we have to create the property search results page. That's the page the user is redirected to when clicking the "Search" button on any property search form.

To create this new page go to Pages > Add New, give it a title, and then either select the predefined page template "Property Map Vertical" and hit "Publish". Or use the "Default Template" page template and insert the Visual Composer element "Property Search Form" and "Property Listings", together with any additional content you want to show on this page.

Once you finished creating your property search results page, go to Appearance > Theme Options > Pages > Property Search Results Page and select that page you just created, then click "Save Changes".

Step 2 of 2: Setup your property search form

To setup your property search go to  Appearance > Theme Options > Property Search. On top of the default property fields you can create unlimited custom property fields. Everything is handled with the Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin.

A search field has the following four attributes, which you need to set according to the field you want to add:

Search Field Type
Choose a default or custom field type.
Compare As
Select field comparison. Like (e.g. contains) can be used for keyword search, for example.
Search Label
Visible search field label on your website (optional).
Unique Search Parameter Every field requires a unique parameter (all lowercase, no empty spaces). When using the same field in “Property Search” and “Property Search Mini” use identical parameters.

The video below walks you through the property search setup process in Realty 3:

Search By Keyword (Free Text Search)

Select search field “Search By Keyword” and comparison “Like” to let users find properties by searching for a specific word or phrase. The search covers property title and content for matches, like the default WordPress search, just for properties.

Price Range Slider

The price range slider is available as a default field, and its settings can be found under “Other”. Set the minimum, maximum and the slider steps.

Property Features
Select all the property features that you want to include in your search form. Order via drag+drop

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